Kenneth LA7GIA -  Co-Leader

Licensed since 1992

DX-expeditions: 3C7A, 6O6O, 6O7O, 7Q7GIA, D67GIA, JX7GIA, JW7GIA, TL8AO, TN5E, TT8KO, JW0W (EU-063)


Contesting: LA7GIA, LC7M

Modes: CW


Member of LADXG, NCDXF, FOC #2161, CWOPs #1888, Russian Contest Club #292


Rune LA7THA - Co-Leader

Licensed since 1991


DX-expeditions: Team leader for S9LA, Z2LA and 5B/LA7THA (holiday style), 7P8LB , 9J2LA in 2020 and JW0W (EU-063)

Contesting: LN8W

Modes CW, SSB


Member of LN8W contest station, NRRL, LADXG, NCDXF, ARRL


Erwann LB1QI - Co-Leader

Licensed since 1994


DX-expeditions: FR/F6KDF/T (CW op), FT5ZH (co-organiser); FR/F6JJX, JW/LB1QI, JW0W (EU-063)


Contesting: F6KDF, TM2T, TM0DX, TM0ANT, LB1QI, LN8W

Modes: CW, SSB


Member of LADXG, Clipperton DX Club #754, NRRL, Lyon DX Gang


Gjermund LB5GI

Licensed since 2019



Dx-peditions: JW0W (EU-063)

Member of LADXG


Adrian KO8SCA

Licensed since: 1990


Preferences: CW, SSB, Digital


DXpeditions: A5, ZK3, V8, TX0M/TX0A, 6O, 9M0, FJ, FM, J3, J8, VK9C, VK9X, VP5, VP9, and Z2. Recently he has been a guest operator at 4U1UN and HV0A


INDEXA Board member

Member of: NCDXF, FOC, CWops, LIDXA, WECA, Order of Boiled Owls of NY



Licensed Since: 1984

Preferences: CW

Also the President of the Debrecen University Amateur Radio Club (HG0UD)

Previous DXpeditions: FW, 3D2, 6W, J5, SV/A, ZA, VP6D, VP8PJ



Licensed since 1989

DX-expeditions 1U4UN, 3V6T, 3V8BB, 3V8SS, 4O3A, 4U1UN, 4U1WB, 4U60UN, 4U70UN, 4U1VIC, 5A1A, 5A5A, 5A7A, 5B/AJ2O, 5B4AJC, 6Y1LZ, 7O2A, 7O6T, AH2/N2OW, CN2AA, CN2NN, DU1/VK3FY, E30FB, E31A, FS/N2OW, FS5KA, JY6ZZ, K1LZ, K1TTT, P33W, PJ7/N2OW, R100R, RL3A, RT8T, RU3A, S21ZBB, S21ZBC, ST0R, SU8DRM, SU0ERA, TI5/N2OW, TI5W, TI9/RA9USU, TI9A, TS2A, TS6A, TS9A, VP8STI, VP8SGI, Y82N

Contesting All major contests K1TTT, CN2AA, RL3A.
Modes CW, SSB, FT8
Member of SRR, A1-OP ARRL, Ten-Ten #54234, AT 113, RRC #113


Bill, KO7SS


Family practice / ER / Urgent Care physician

Licensed since 1970

Preferences: CW / RTTY

Member of Arizona Outlaws Contest Club


Sandro, VE7NY

Lisensed in 1980

Dx-peditions: 1A0KØ, HV0A, ZL7AAA, YP0H, Z60A, V85SAA, YP0H, K7TRI (NA211), ZK3A, 5W0NA, 4U1UN, VP2VB.

Preferences: SSB, CW


Axel, DL6KVA

Licensed: 1984 (Y37RA, Y42DA from 1987 and DL6KVA from 1992)

Preferences: CW only, 160-10m


DXpeditions: 3D2KV, 4K0CW, DL6KVA/6Y5, 7QAA, D68CCC, ED9M, P29NI, P29VCX, P29VPB, RK6YYA, S21ZAS, S21ZDC, S9YY, T33A, T33KV, T30KV, VP8IDX, VP8SGI, VP8STI, XX9D, Z23MD, Contests at DA0HQ, DF0HQ, DK1A


Member of: GDXF, NCDXF, CDXC, FOC #2098, CWops #1678, HSC #1647


Mike, AB5EB

Team Member / Physician

ER Physician

Co-founder of Island Radio Expedition Foundation (IREF)

Many IOTA activations, including: NA13, H74C, NA119, NA120 N5M, NA168, NA158, NA143, NA197, NA92, NA14, NA55, NA44, NA45, NA209 H75A, NA246,NA89 K5P, NA94 CY9M, VK9AR OC-216, VK9AR/6 OC-234, NA-82 N5C


Soon to be disclosed 

Honorary Team Members


John Snuggerud LA1VC (SK)

(1928 -2018)

John participated in Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) research activity in Antarctica as well as The Norwegian Antarctic Expedition 1956–60 where he later was honored with the The Antarctic Medal. Queen Maud Land in Antarctica is one of two territories claimed by Norway, the other one is Peter 1st island. A glacier called "Snuggerudbreen" in Queen Maud Land has been named after John. He was a radio technician & telegraphist. John operated from Bouvet island twice as 3Y1VC in 1977 and 1979. The 1977 operation counted 27 QSOs and is the first approved operation from Bouvet. He returned to Bouvet island in 1979 where he did research amongst other on "Analysis on wave measurements at Bouvetøya". He made 1930 contacts during that stay on Bouvet.


Dr. Charles E. Brady Jr. N4BQW (SK)

(1951 -2006)

Chuck was an American physician, a Captain in the United States Navy and a NASA astronaut. He spent 16 days in space on the Space Shuttle's STS-78 flight in 1996. In addition to activating Bouvet Island 2000/2001 as 3Y0C, some of his other operations were from Johnston Island, Kure Island, Palmyra and Jarvis Island, Midway Island, Wake Island, Baker and Howland Island and Kingman Reef.